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The songs of the Jamiat

The songs of the Jamiat

The Islami Jamiat Talaba is not especially averse to use of music or catchy tunes. It doesn’t have jihadi nasheeds but uses catchy political tunes to which young people can dance somewhat. There are more stringent factions in the Jamiat as well, but even the ‘why are you talking to a girl’ type Jamiat walas at Punjab University is not averse to music.

Here are  some of their top productions:

As should be expected, the minds of the Jamiat have written songs for Aafia Siddiqui as well, since JI has made Aafia their issue.

Meanwhile, if you want to follow the Jamiat [a few links]. Their ‘Mass Media Department’ has a separate website with dozens of other taraanay. And here are a few snazzy commercials of their convention from last year, which was the first in a decade. When students gathered from across the country, they were definitely going to party as well.

Since I was going to share Jamiat songs, nostalgia of the good ol’ days of protesting against Mush hit me.

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