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Muslim Man Gets Stabbed, Press Immediately Focuses on Violent Revenge Plans

Muslim Man Gets Stabbed, Press Immediately Focuses on Violent Revenge Plans

Today in Awful Journalism.

Earlier this week, a Muslim man in Queens, New York was viciously beaten and stabbed by a man spewing any-Muslim epithets. The victim, 57-year-old Bashir Ahmad is a halal food cart vendor and was opening a mosque for Fajr prayers when he got jumped by a man who stabbed him six times with a knife, slashed his head, his thumb and bit the tip of his nose.

Here’s the headline that the New York Post chose for the story

Mosque attack victim warns of eye for an eye

And here’s the first couple of lines

A devout Muslim man who was stabbed as he tried to open the door to a Queens mosque on Sunday says his hate-spewing attacker had better watch his back.

“If I see him again, I will kill him from 20 feet away,” 57-year-old Bashir Ahmad told The Post yesterday. “I will hurt him.

Yes. When a 57 year old man gets attacked by a hate spewing violent thug who stabs him and bites his face, the obvious focus is on how this crazed and violent Muslim is going to commit crazed and violent retaliation. And if you think its just the right-wing, sensationalist New York Post who’s doing this, check out mainstream news from NBC

Queens Mosque Stabbing Victim Says He’d Retaliate if Given Chance

No shit. I’d like to see anyone who gets attacked for no reason come forth with messages of peace and love. This is the news NBC? Not the fact that an old man was nearly killed and it’s the second incident in a week where a Muslim in New York was a victim of a hate crime? Not that they’re willing to call it that just yet, check out this gem from the NY Post article

It’s unclear whether Ahmad was targeted or was the victim of a random hate crime.

 What an absolutely worthless sentence. The man was clearly a target. Hate crimes have targets. And what is a random hate crime anyway? He didn’t trip and accidentally fall six times on some non-racist’s knife.
The sad part is I honestly don’t think the editors at the NY Post and NBC are racist. To them its perfectly acceptable to portray the victim of a horrendous crime as a future violent vigilante, because hey, Muslims be crazy. It fits well into a pre-established narrative. They would argue that by the mere writing of this article they are highlighting a brutal atrocity against a minority. But they chose to make a conscious decision to lead with the least relevant and most obvious part of the story, that the man was hell bent on revenge. Look at the crazy angry Muslim going to go all jihad on his attackers ass! Everybody get ready for the race war in Queens! The Muslims Are Coming!
I really hate crying racism.. But as a journalist, I know the thought process that goes into writing a headline. You choose what you want to highlight. Clearly this was the most important thing to these publications. It’s frustrating to think this kind of writing is acceptable.

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