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Karachi Kisi Ko Na Khappay


OK, so we are all very emotional right now. The elections are still hanging above us and the dust is refusing to settle. While Umair’s election predictions were quite brilliant, not many of us had expected the final tallies to be as provincially isolated as they turned out to be. That in itself has led to some consternation, as those ... Read More »

What to expect (and not to expect) from May 11th


In 1999, I won my first and last elections, and promptly lost faith in the democratic process. The elections in question were for the student council in my school, the CAS. Unlike most other schools, the council wasn’t chosen by the teachers based on who had the best scores/tutta-lifting abilities, but rather a relatively diverse set of students were nominated ... Read More »

My Mohajir Love for My Punjabi Love for You


(This is not a standard review of the song or the vdeo. In fact, I am going to take about 3300 words to explain how we got to this video, and why that matters. Feel free to look at just the images.) They say hipsters dress the way they do because they are being ironic. The handlebar moustaches, the tweed ... Read More »

Why So Grim About Im the Dim?

Imran Khan

What is it about Imran Khan that rankles? Let’s not pretend that it doesn’t. No politician in Pakistan has faced the sort of scrutiny and ridicule that Imran has gotten over the past decade. I’ll be the first to admit to this – the internet is littered with my haughty proclamations against Mr. Khan. It was only last year, after ... Read More »

A Note on #TuQ’s Followers

Tahir-ul-Qadri's supporters in Lahore

I had a chance to attend the Tahir ul Qadri ‘Million Man March’ for an entire day this Wednesday, and there were a few small things that I wanted to put out there based on what I saw. I thought of writing this post when rain broke out today (Thursday) in Islamabad, and the thousands of Qadri supporters could be ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the Third ODI

Junaid Khan is excited to be with his Bunny(s).

Sustained brilliance: At what point does a good bowler become great? There are many different permutation to that step up, but invariably if his brilliance is ignored as being part of the norm then surely he has to be considered a great. That is precisely what Saeed Ajmal is experienceing right now. One over against Yuvraj aside, he has had a typically good series with ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the Second ODI

Eid pe shandaar numaish jaari hai

Campeones: When Pakistan won the first T20, it was the first time EVER we had beaten India in the format. When we won the first ODI, it was our first win in the format over India in over three years. Yet after last night’s victory, Pakistan became the first team in three years to defeat India in a home ODI ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on First ODI


KEEP CALM AND YOUNIS KHAN There was a time before this Younis Khan existed. There was a time when his only international 100 was against Hong Kong, and he would get out far too early in his innings, hopping and flapping. There was a time when he was bad enough that our hostel-wing cricket team had christened him Penis Khan. ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the Second T20

Ashok Dinda towers over Rio de Janeiro

O Captain, Where Art Thou?: Two innings, two blinders. Hafeez’s 60-odd in the first innings was obviously instrumental in winning the match, but his brazen assault this time around was far more breathtaking. Yet you have to wonder whether he would have needed to make 55 at 211.5 if he had used himself for more than one over, instead of  Kukri. ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the First T20

Mohd. Sami's Cricinfo page. (True story)

Bakwas Batsmen: It is a little known fact that Karl Marx had escaped to England largely to pursue his love for cricket. The man wrote a book called Das Kapitan on the art of captaincy, which was published as Das Kapital due to a typo. You and I both know that that dense tome can be interpreted to come up with anything, and so ... Read More »