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The Windies Shootaround

So, I watched the West Indies-Australia match only a few hours after reading this week’s edition of NBA Shootaround (and too many articles by Ahmer), this is the result.   A sporstman’s celebrations are a necessary part of his armory for some fans, and Pakistanis are particularly finicky when it comes to such things. I think that one of the ... Read More »

The Hipster Football Club 2013/14


The notion of a football hipster community is pretty new. It’s a phenomenon borne of the internet age. You need to be able to have the technology to watch leagues across the world, and see the trends your fellow hipsters are following. Unlike music, there is no ‘underground scene’ which facilitates both the discovery and the sharing of these teams. ... Read More »

Wings of Gold, Feet of Clay


Or how you learned to start worrying and stop loving Icarus   You remember growing up in the Pakistan of the 90s. There were certain truths that you accepted as fact. Pakistan was a gift from God, Indians would never accept the existence of your homeland, Pakistan was brimming with talent in all facets of life all of which was ... Read More »

The Value of Kamran Akmal


Watching the NBA playoffs recently, and the articles that came with it, the most conspicuous aspect had been the rise of analytics in importance. A freeform sport like basketball does not immediately adhere to the sort of revolution that Michael Lewis made Billy Beane famous for, but it hasn’t stopped the people trying. The rise of analytics in general in ... Read More »

The Dortmund Revolution

By: Dirk Vorderstraße - CC BY 2.0

There’s a myriad of reasons why one falls in love with a team. It could be because your favourite player plays for them; it could be because they were the best side, or played the sort of game that attracted you, when you were an eight year old. Or it could simply be because you have to make lemonade out ... Read More »

A Culture Shock

Photo: Hassan Cheema

Watching a Test match in South Africa, and what Pakistan could learn from it Read More »

Guardiola’s summer

By: Tsutomu Takasu - CC BY 2.0

In many ways 1995 was the year that defines modern football. The passing of the Bosman ruling, and its subsequent repercussions, meant that a team like Ajax – a club from a smaller country, comprising overwhelmingly of its youth products – could never again be the Champions of Europe. It also meant that collecting the best possible players – a ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the Third ODI

Junaid Khan is excited to be with his Bunny(s).

Sustained brilliance: At what point does a good bowler become great? There are many different permutation to that step up, but invariably if his brilliance is ignored as being part of the norm then surely he has to be considered a great. That is precisely what Saeed Ajmal is experienceing right now. One over against Yuvraj aside, he has had a typically good series with ... Read More »