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When The Levee Breaks: Led Zeppelin’s Real Greatest Song

By: Daniel Hartwig - CC BY 2.0

This is an indulgent post by me, an ode to how one of the world’s greatest bands produced an underrated masterpiece. Sure it wasn’t as widely known as Stairway To Heaven or as much fun as Rock’N’Roll. But to me, it’s a sonic work of art, a complex yet powerful testament to what a genius producer can get out of ... Read More »

Why The Karachi Stock Exchange is Doing So Well

By: Richard Alvin - CC BY 2.0

Everyone knows that when bad things happen in the world, one of the first things to tank is the stock market. A couple of weeks ago, the S&P 500 dropped nearly 150 points minutes after the Associated Press’s hacked Twitter account  put out the false news of the White House being under attack. That was just a terrorism hoax. Now ... Read More »

Desi Men, You Need To Cook

By: Caitlin Regan - CC BY 2.0

Hello there, average desi man. You look pretty happy, dude. I guess you can’t complain because your wife is an amazing cook. That’s awesome! And your mom was an amazing cook before her? Nice. But what if your wife goes home to visit and leaves you on your own? She leaves cooked food for you in advance? Or you go ... Read More »

Things I Have Seen on the New York Subway

By: Annie Mole - CC BY 2.0

The New York subways are home to the most insane characters and sights you will ever encounter in your life. There’s always a story every day. Here are some of the ones I remember. Man Cuts His Nails Sitting right across from me, I saw a bald white guy in his mid thirties who looked pretty educated and well dressed, ... Read More »

Why I Must Wear An American Accent

By: Rob Boudon - CC BY 2.0

A little while ago I was producing a radio documentary that required me to narrate the story in my own voice. I completed it, submitted it and forgot about it. A few months later, I revisited the piece and found myself horrified at the weird, alien voice I was hearing. I was speaking with an American accent, complete with rolling ... Read More »

Whatever Happened To Pakistani Bands?


The last 5 years have seen the sad decline of rock/pop bands in Pakistan. Here’s why it happened. Things have gotten so bad for bands in Pakistan, there’s pretty much only one left: the new incarnation of Noori, who’ve snatched up the survivors from other bands, adding Zeeshan Parwez from Sajid and Zeeshan and Faraz Anwar from Mizraab. Sure, there’s a ... Read More »

The Food I Miss Most In Karachi

By: Abhishek Srivastava - CC BY 2.0

I’ve been living and working in New York for a little over a year now and while there’s no shortage of desis and desi food here, there are some things I miss back home that you just can’t replicate anywhere else. Sure there’s home cooked food and the usual big guns like biryani/nihari and haleem etc. But here are some ... Read More »

Muslim Man Gets Stabbed, Press Immediately Focuses on Violent Revenge Plans

By: Paul Lowry - CC BY 2.0

Today in Awful Journalism. Earlier this week, a Muslim man in Queens, New York was viciously beaten and stabbed by a man spewing any-Muslim epithets. The victim, 57-year-old Bashir Ahmad is a halal food cart vendor and was opening a mosque for Fajr prayers when he got jumped by a man who stabbed him six times with a knife, slashed ... Read More »

America’s Funniest Muslim Women

check check..

Earlier this year, I profiled three women who identified themselves as Muslim-American comedians. I was fascinated by their individual stories, motivations and widely different comedic styles, which ranged from quirky to absolutely filthy stuff. I urge you to check out their material on Youtube whenever you get a chance. Negin Farsad held the microphone with both her hands, clutching it ... Read More »