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The Sharif Family


As promised at the end of the previous post, here’s some extended detail into the wealth of the Sharif family. Almost all comes from publicly available documents that the politically active members of the family have filed at the time of contesting elections, or regular asset declarations as members of legislature, as required by the law. Starting with some history. The Ittefaq ... Read More »

Fake ‘Richest Pakistani’ lists


Well, this post is just because I’m fed up of telling sane minded, non-mentally challenged people again and again that there are no ‘official’ lists of wealthiest Pakistanis, or one prepared by a reputable financial outlet (ala Forbes’ listings). Still, the kind of idiocy that goes around has no limits. Since fake fortune lists are ever more viral and are now annually ... Read More »

Fingerprint Verification – Part 3


This is the third in a series of posts on the ‘fingeprint verification’ of ballots in Pakistan. I first wrote about it in September 2013, when the whole exercise was picking up steam as some forensic way of settling electoral fraud debates. The second part was in July 2014, and expanded on the misrepresentation of facts from the NADRA reports ... Read More »

Fingerprint Verification


I have written about it before. Earlier. It was on how the majority of votes cannot even be verified. You can check that out here, and please read it before reading this post. Let’s start with hearings of complaints at Election Tribunals. Firstly, they are beyond the purview of the executive. Imran keeps on demanding the government or the challenged ... Read More »

Terrorism Report 2013


Data is from SATP, as all of PIPS’ stuff is behind paywalls now. SATP data is sometimes inaccurate and their casualty counts are higher than PIPS. Terrorist fatalities have been excluded. Total means civilians + law enforcement and security personnel. Summary Fatalities in terrorism remained on the same levels as 2012. There was only a 1.65% reduction in total fatalities. ... Read More »



From pictures that appeared on the Khadim-e-Aala’s Facebook page in the last few months. Standing atten-shun in a Baker’s hat Al-Capone, but with a hat two sizes big Uighur hat for a cosmopolitan man Finger wagging at the Chinese! Geoffrey Boycott? Read More »

The BS of fingerprint ID-ing ballots


From day one, Imran has been crying about ballot stuffing and has been asking for verifyication that every vote was rightfully cast by people from that constituency and no ballot stuffing occurred by verifying the thumb prints recorded on ballot papers. So the ECP jumped on the bandwagon and said that in disputed constituencies, such an exercise would be done ... Read More »

Income Taxes are Still Low

By: Alan Cleaver - CC BY 2.0

In my previous post, I argued that income taxes are very low in Pakistan. Some friends raised valid points in contention, some angry people commented on other issues (I was arguing about the rate of income taxes in isolation, not the wider out-of-tax-net situation), and others suggested comparing to previous years. A friend sent his firm’s take on the new ... Read More »

Tax Haven

By: Images Money - CC BY 2.0

As soon as there is some talk of budegtary or taxation in Pakistan, a loud lament is heard across the commentariat where the salariat class cries that only they are taxed, only they do pay the tax as it is withheld at source and the tax burden on them is increased in every budget. While there is a lot of ... Read More »

What Happens to Musharraf?

Pirate Pervez Musharraf

Musharraf has been back in Pakistan for a while now. He defied the advice of the Army, the ISI, most of his advisors (however few are left) and apparently his family as well. Reported rumors suggest his prime motivation to return was to respond to critics who accused him of cowardice. A man of Musharraf’s ego does not take such ... Read More »