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Fake ‘Richest Pakistani’ lists


Well, this post is just because I’m fed up of telling sane minded, non-mentally challenged people again and again that there are no ‘official’ lists of wealthiest Pakistanis, or one prepared by a reputable financial outlet (ala Forbes’ listings). Still, the kind of idiocy that goes around has no limits. Since fake fortune lists are ever more viral and are now annually ... Read More »

Who Won 2013 In Pakistan?


A few days ago, fellow blogger @mediagag showed me a rather unique way of looking back at the year. It was a link to a series of posts on the American website Grantland, where the author Rembert Browne has asked the question “Who won the year” for several years now. The methodology is fairly simple and the rules and bouts ... Read More »

A Short Note on “Waar” and Terrorism in Pakistan


Yesterday, the venerable Nadeem Mandviwala tweeted that Waar had crossed 18 crores in its total earnings, and the countdown could now begin on it becoming the greatest grosser in Pakistani film history. That record is held by Syed Noor’s Chooriyan, which grossed 20 crores. Hasan Zaidi, the founder of the Kara Film Festival and probably the most reliable authority on ... Read More »

Pakistani Music I Heard This Week – Post Hakeemullah Session


In the grand tradition of blog series on this website, PMIHTW (what a lun acronym) has seen a break in its regularity. Thankfully, you can relax because I am back with a few more tasty brownie delights. We start this week with Lussun TV’s third session. During the break in this blog, the boiz at Lussun were clearly working a ... Read More »



From pictures that appeared on the Khadim-e-Aala’s Facebook page in the last few months. Standing atten-shun in a Baker’s hat Al-Capone, but with a hat two sizes big Uighur hat for a cosmopolitan man Finger wagging at the Chinese! Geoffrey Boycott? Read More »

Pakistani Music I Heard This Week – Post Eid


[Featured image via @TheDesiDesign] The big news this week is that Coke Studio Season 6 is slowly, and very KLPDingly, beginning at long last. Only one song came out this week, which has many people complaining of sounding ‘generic’. Given the diversity and scale of Coke Studio’s following, it makes sense to have such tracks each season, and it is ... Read More »

Pakistani Music I Heard This Week – Pre Eid

The 'soft side' of Zaid Hamid

Will kick things off this week with a slightly dated song performed by fellow @PaceisPaceYaar host, Assad Hassnain aka @LeftArmAround. I was apprehensive when I first started to listen because of the content. There have been many terrible songs in this vein (Yeh Hum Nahi, Dehshatgardi Murdabad) but to my relief I realised Mazloom works brilliantly because it is part ... Read More »

Pakistani Music I Heard This Week

The 'soft side' of Zaid Hamid

I’ve been meaning to do a round-up of Pakistani music for fucking ever now. I put a lot of my eggs into landing a radio gig but a certain channel basically spent six months dangling me about and now there’s a truckload of excellent Pakistani music that’s slipping through our digital fingers. Anyways, I am now going to try and ... Read More »

Sikandar ka Blunder


Let’s start with the (sort of) happy ending. No one died, no one got killed. But how we ended up with this situation is nothing short of a miracle. To recap the climax, SIkander the shooter from Hafizabad had held up the capital for five hours. Zamurd (millions of spelling variants available) Khan, a former MNA from the PPP got ... Read More »

Umru Ayyar Arises

umru cover

In a way, books taught me about capitalism.* *(not really, but it’s a good opening line.) Not that I ever read any book on capitalism itself. But growing up in Karachi, the political economy of accessing books threw me into the arms of the free market. At first, there was the school library. I used to borrow just about every ... Read More »