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Intellectual Atrophy of Two Karachi Generations

Ibrahim Hyderi

When some of my students started signing up for jobs at Phillip Morris, Pfizer and Citibank, I was a little concerned.  Had we taught them the technicalities of the English legal system so as to enable them to live the yuppy dream, enjoy the fruits of neo-liberalism, get a big paycheck, and buy their coffee at Gloria Jean?  Students want ... Read More »

[Guest Post] Yeh Jawani Hai Noorani

Gastrointestinal examination

The following post is in Urdu, written in Roman letters. If you would like to read this in another language, please lift your keyboard and hold it directly over your head for 10 seconds and the post will be translated into a language of your choice. Written by: Palang Tor Patriot aka The Artist Formerly Known As @RangeelaBabu   Ye ... Read More »

When The Levee Breaks: Led Zeppelin’s Real Greatest Song

By: Daniel Hartwig - CC BY 2.0

This is an indulgent post by me, an ode to how one of the world’s greatest bands produced an underrated masterpiece. Sure it wasn’t as widely known as Stairway To Heaven or as much fun as Rock’N’Roll. But to me, it’s a sonic work of art, a complex yet powerful testament to what a genius producer can get out of ... Read More »

Legal Diaries: Good Judges and Bad Attitudes


How often do you hear Pakistanis say: what’s the point of laws, they’re hardly enforced?  That’s the perception.  Laws exist on paper.  Rights are violated on the street. And courts are dysfunctional, delays inordinate, judges may be purchased, and only the privileged get their day — all true allegations. But the devil’s (advocate) is in the details.  Spend a week ... Read More »

Loins on the campaign trail


A visual story of the PML-N Loin as seen through the eyes of a camera on the campaign trail. I thought I would have had a few dozen more photos but couldn’t crawl my way back into the timelines due to post-election post frequencies. A more robust system will now cache images as they arrive for a regular transmission of images of ... Read More »

Guest-Post: Multiplex Revolutions

This Chambaili

(This is a guest-post by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous)   What if you were provided the following clues and asked to guess what was being discussed: 1.      Previously apathetic, middle class citizens rising up against an established political establishment which includes a corrupt powerful ruling party with three generations of hereditary leaders and a wheeling dealing ... Read More »

‘Friends’ and the Death of the Sitcom


The big rumor emanating from Hollywood this month was the alleged return of ‘Friends’, the colossally popular sitcom which pretty much defined the television comedy landscape through the entire course of its 10 year run, stretching from the mid 90s to the early 2000s. It made perfect sense why NBC would be interested in a possible short term revival of ... Read More »

My Mohajir Love for My Punjabi Love for You


(This is not a standard review of the song or the vdeo. In fact, I am going to take about 3300 words to explain how we got to this video, and why that matters. Feel free to look at just the images.) They say hipsters dress the way they do because they are being ironic. The handlebar moustaches, the tweed ... Read More »

Desi Men, You Need To Cook

By: Caitlin Regan - CC BY 2.0

Hello there, average desi man. You look pretty happy, dude. I guess you can’t complain because your wife is an amazing cook. That’s awesome! And your mom was an amazing cook before her? Nice. But what if your wife goes home to visit and leaves you on your own? She leaves cooked food for you in advance? Or you go ... Read More »