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Terrorism Report 2013


Data is from SATP, as all of PIPS’ stuff is behind paywalls now. SATP data is sometimes inaccurate and their casualty counts are higher than PIPS. Terrorist fatalities have been excluded. Total means civilians + law enforcement and security personnel. Summary Fatalities in terrorism remained on the same levels as 2012. There was only a 1.65% reduction in total fatalities. ... Read More »

Who Won 2013 In Pakistan?


A few days ago, fellow blogger @mediagag showed me a rather unique way of looking back at the year. It was a link to a series of posts on the American website Grantland, where the author Rembert Browne has asked the question “Who won the year” for several years now. The methodology is fairly simple and the rules and bouts ... Read More »

Remembering Salman Taseer


Today marks the third death anniversary of Salman Taseer. Usually political figures, even those assassinated, are remembered on their birthdays, but Taseer is different, mainly for what his death represented: the end of hope etc. It’s interesting to go back and examine the run-up to his murder. One of the reasons I remember being particularly upset by Taseer’s killing was ... Read More »

A Short Note on “Waar” and Terrorism in Pakistan


Yesterday, the venerable Nadeem Mandviwala tweeted that Waar had crossed 18 crores in its total earnings, and the countdown could now begin on it becoming the greatest grosser in Pakistani film history. That record is held by Syed Noor’s Chooriyan, which grossed 20 crores. Hasan Zaidi, the founder of the Kara Film Festival and probably the most reliable authority on ... Read More »



From pictures that appeared on the Khadim-e-Aala’s Facebook page in the last few months. Standing atten-shun in a Baker’s hat Al-Capone, but with a hat two sizes big Uighur hat for a cosmopolitan man Finger wagging at the Chinese! Geoffrey Boycott? Read More »

Some Desi Electoral Data

Urban Rural partyshare PMLN

I was asked to run some numbers using local electoral data today, and a couple of potentially interesting things came up. The first is a visibly pronounced blip in party seat and vote-share between 1997 and 2002, and the second is an observation on where larger parties stand on the rural-urban seat issue. As most stories go, General Musharraf’s mauling ... Read More »

Three Poisons of Sindh


Before I knew it, summer had disappeared and in a flash the sceneries of Northern Sindh, Tharparkar and the Indus Basin were a receding memory.  I drank the water, I survived – never mind that it had effluent.  I was resolved to never buy again or cut any wadera kid any slack thinking they’ll change the system and run feminist ... Read More »

The BS of fingerprint ID-ing ballots


From day one, Imran has been crying about ballot stuffing and has been asking for verifyication that every vote was rightfully cast by people from that constituency and no ballot stuffing occurred by verifying the thumb prints recorded on ballot papers. So the ECP jumped on the bandwagon and said that in disputed constituencies, such an exercise would be done ... Read More »

Reading between the lines of the ASWJ spin


It has been a slow, gradual process, but it has finally happened: the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat — or the Party Formerly Known as the Anjuman Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASS), Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and Millat-e-Islamiya Pakistan (MIP) — is apparently now being treated as a credible political force in Karachi. Here’s an example: on Sunday, Geo TV aired a special broadcast on ... Read More »