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WTFMughalMiniature by @MyDixonCider


Intertextuality is one of my most favourite topics to discuss in the blogging world. I have discussed it previously for songs like BHOOM BHOOM WORLD CUP, Bumbu Sauce’s My Punjabi Love For You, as well as the comic Umru Ayyar, and finally, in my own short film Sasti Masti. Here is an academic definition of the concept: …the first step ... Read More »

The Windies Shootaround

So, I watched the West Indies-Australia match only a few hours after reading this week’s edition of NBA Shootaround (and too many articles by Ahmer), this is the result.   A sporstman’s celebrations are a necessary part of his armory for some fans, and Pakistanis are particularly finicky when it comes to such things. I think that one of the ... Read More »

A Selection of Pakistani Media Scandal Remixes


Sometimes, it feels impossible to take stock of the world we live in. In 2007, when I was doing a degree of assorted topics referred to as social sciences, one of our professors brought a wanted ad to class one day. It asked for the sort of skills we were meant to have, and according to him, the ad was ... Read More »

You Make My Finger Hover


He does it as a reflex, grabbing the remote as the first shouts of “out hai” fill the room. He had already stood up a few seconds earlier, and now he reaches out to the table and picks up his escape route. His holds the remote from the top, and his fingers instinctively align themselves around it. This is not ... Read More »

This is not our war (Syria edition)


Well if things weren’t bad or stupid enough, they’re about to get worse and stupider. Here’s a graph of Muslim countries, ordered by the percentage of their population that is Shia (I averaged the numbers here, here, and here). What you will see is that of the countries that have non-trivial numbers of Shias (above 15%), they are either majority ... Read More »

Remembering Salman Taseer


Today marks the third death anniversary of Salman Taseer. Usually political figures, even those assassinated, are remembered on their birthdays, but Taseer is different, mainly for what his death represented: the end of hope etc. It’s interesting to go back and examine the run-up to his murder. One of the reasons I remember being particularly upset by Taseer’s killing was ... Read More »

Reading between the lines of the ASWJ spin


It has been a slow, gradual process, but it has finally happened: the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat — or the Party Formerly Known as the Anjuman Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASS), Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and Millat-e-Islamiya Pakistan (MIP) — is apparently now being treated as a credible political force in Karachi. Here’s an example: on Sunday, Geo TV aired a special broadcast on ... Read More »

Intellectual Atrophy of Two Karachi Generations

Ibrahim Hyderi

When some of my students started signing up for jobs at Phillip Morris, Pfizer and Citibank, I was a little concerned.  Had we taught them the technicalities of the English legal system so as to enable them to live the yuppy dream, enjoy the fruits of neo-liberalism, get a big paycheck, and buy their coffee at Gloria Jean?  Students want ... Read More »

The Value of Kamran Akmal


Watching the NBA playoffs recently, and the articles that came with it, the most conspicuous aspect had been the rise of analytics in importance. A freeform sport like basketball does not immediately adhere to the sort of revolution that Michael Lewis made Billy Beane famous for, but it hasn’t stopped the people trying. The rise of analytics in general in ... Read More »