Why I Must Wear An American Accent

By: Rob Boudon - CC BY 2.0

A little while ago I was producing a radio documentary that required me to narrate the story in my own voice. I completed it, submitted it and forgot about it. A few months later, I revisited the piece and found myself horrified at the weird, alien voice I was hearing. I was speaking with an American accent, complete with rolling ... Read More »

Ordered to Kill, Part 2 of 3: Why do they do it?

Source: http://bit.ly/VK2DqN

In my previous post, I asked what type of person commits a mass killing during wartime. I noted that a similar pattern occurred in many massacres: a minority of sadistic soldiers enthusiastically led the killing, another minority refused, while most reluctantly participated. I also argued that the most common explanations do not hold up to scrutiny – few soldiers can ... Read More »

Independence or accession: thinking about Pakistan’s goals for Kashmir

Photo: The Hindu

Noted security studies expert Hafiz Saeed had this to say about developments in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, on this most auspicious of days: “No one could defeat the Muslims… If America had to run away, then India, you will have to leave Kashmir as well,” said Saeed amid chants of ‘al-jihad, al-jihad’. Saeed expressed support for all Kashmiri leaders and ... Read More »

Guardiola’s summer

By: Tsutomu Takasu - CC BY 2.0

In many ways 1995 was the year that defines modern football. The passing of the Bosman ruling, and its subsequent repercussions, meant that a team like Ajax – a club from a smaller country, comprising overwhelmingly of its youth products – could never again be the Champions of Europe. It also meant that collecting the best possible players – a ... Read More »

Shahid’s Images of the Week


This is the fourth post in a(n almost) weekly series wherein I will post images, memes et. al selected from the Pakistani Internets (Forums, Blogs, Facebook Pages etc). For scrolling through the gallery, just click on the current image and the image preview will slide over to the next image. Or you could select an image from the slider below, ... Read More »

Why isn’t there a “Muslim party” in India?

Indian Symbols

When might we expect the development of an ethnic/communal/identification-based party in a polity? First, if the society at large is divided along ethnic or communal lines. Second, if other ethnic communities have already organized a political party on such bases. Third, if political demands in the society that happen to be couched in ethnic or communal terms find a more ... Read More »

Djokovic & Murray – The Great Non-Rivalry


The final of the 2013 Australian Open featured pretty much everything we are gradually coming to expect from an encounter between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray: jaw-dropping athleticism, explosive power, relentless defense and indefatigable spirit. When you stack those particular ingredients against each other, the victor cannot necessarily be considered the better player but merely the one able to outlast ... Read More »

Whatever Happened To Pakistani Bands?


The last 5 years have seen the sad decline of rock/pop bands in Pakistan. Here’s why it happened. Things have gotten so bad for bands in Pakistan, there’s pretty much only one left: the new incarnation of Noori, who’ve snatched up the survivors from other bands, adding Zeeshan Parwez from Sajid and Zeeshan and Faraz Anwar from Mizraab. Sure, there’s a ... Read More »

Qadri’s Pantomime

Qadri's container parked outside his residence in Lahore (photo credit: Ali W. Hashmi)

Goes without saying, Tahir-ul-Qadri’s little pantomime in Islamabad certainly won’t be missed. We can sleep easy knowing that a severe lack of options compelled the powers-that-be to import a cartoon from Canada, put him in a container, and park him in Islamabad *hoping* that something would come of it.     Well, it didn’t.   For that, we can thank ... Read More »

Zaid Hamid – A Visual Tribute

Ready to unleash Pakistani Power

This is a visual tribute to the great Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, thinker extrordinaire, writer par excellence, spellbinding orator, unmatched theologian and patriot amongst patriots. When Ghazwa-e-Hind will be launched, the Indians won’t know what hit them. Two of my most favourite videos, you will see the passion and the immense skills shining through: The rest of the galleries: For ... Read More »