‘Skyfall’ exposes England’s insecurities


Couple weeks back the latest Bond movie, Skyfall, crossed the US$1 billion mark in worldwide box office receipts. It’s the first movie produced by Sony to cross the billion dollar mark and easily the most successful installment of the Bond franchise ever. It’s also a really, really good movie – one I highly recommend if you still haven’t watched it. ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the Third ODI

Junaid Khan is excited to be with his Bunny(s).

Sustained brilliance: At what point does a good bowler become great? There are many different permutation to that step up, but invariably if his brilliance is ignored as being part of the norm then surely he has to be considered a great. That is precisely what Saeed Ajmal is experienceing right now. One over against Yuvraj aside, he has had a typically good series with ... Read More »

The Food I Miss Most In Karachi

By: Abhishek Srivastava - CC BY 2.0

I’ve been living and working in New York for a little over a year now and while there’s no shortage of desis and desi food here, there are some things I miss back home that you just can’t replicate anywhere else. Sure there’s home cooked food and the usual big guns like biryani/nihari and haleem etc. But here are some ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the Second ODI

Eid pe shandaar numaish jaari hai

Campeones: When Pakistan won the first T20, it was the first time EVER we had beaten India in the format. When we won the first ODI, it was our first win in the format over India in over three years. Yet after last night’s victory, Pakistan became the first team in three years to defeat India in a home ODI ... Read More »

Some basic questions about talking to the Taliban

Photo: Express Tribune

Over the weekend, the Taliban killed twenty one of the twenty three levies they had kidnapped two days earlier. As mass executions go, this was unsurprising; the only mildly surprising aspect was that they weren’t beheaded, since that’s usually how these things end. Moreover, given recent discussions about peace talks and the like, an incident like this makes perfect sense ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on First ODI


KEEP CALM AND YOUNIS KHAN There was a time before this Younis Khan existed. There was a time when his only international 100 was against Hong Kong, and he would get out far too early in his innings, hopping and flapping. There was a time when he was bad enough that our hostel-wing cricket team had christened him Penis Khan. ... Read More »

Self-Immolation as Political Protest: Powerful Beginning or a Tragic End?

Malcolm Browne, 1963

In June 1963, a Buddhist monk, Thich Quang Duc, committed suicide by lighting himself on fire to protest religious discrimination by the South Vietnamese regime of Ngo Dinh Diem. Journalist David Halberstam, who witnessed the act, described his reaction as being “too shocked to cry, too confused to take notes or ask questions, too bewildered to even think.” When President ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the Second T20

Ashok Dinda towers over Rio de Janeiro

O Captain, Where Art Thou?: Two innings, two blinders. Hafeez’s 60-odd in the first innings was obviously instrumental in winning the match, but his brazen assault this time around was far more breathtaking. Yet you have to wonder whether he would have needed to make 55 at 211.5 if he had used himself for more than one over, instead of  Kukri. ... Read More »

Five Thoughts on the First T20

Mohd. Sami's Cricinfo page. (True story)

Bakwas Batsmen: It is a little known fact that Karl Marx had escaped to England largely to pursue his love for cricket. The man wrote a book called Das Kapitan on the art of captaincy, which was published as Das Kapital due to a typo. You and I both know that that dense tome can be interpreted to come up with anything, and so ... Read More »

What is the endgame for Pakistan in the Taliban war?

Photo: Dawn

Over the weekend, Bashir Bilour was assassinated. It was sad but not shocking — he had survived two previous attempts on his life, and members of his party were one of the primary sets of targets for militants in the country.   As with all similar episodes, this led to anguish and outrage and a disbelief that the state and ... Read More »