Felipão and Nostalgia

By: Raimundo Colombo - CC BY 2.0

Sports fans are, by definition, the epitomes of nostalgia. They get addicted at an early age, and within days are bemoaning the changes and evolution of the sport they love. Their weeks and moods are dependent on watching and following – what Bill Russell called – “grown men playing a child’s game.” They crave for an idealized past that never ... Read More »

Waterkits all around us

Short-term solutions FTMFW

I’m going to try something short and straightforward. We’re soon going to be drowning in ‘End of Year’ lists, or best ofs etc, and I am confident the #Waterkit episode will feature prominently, as it should. A lot of us were left rather incredulous at the fact that so many people were willing to buy into it. It suggested something ... Read More »

Shahid’s Images of the Week


This is the second in a weekly series wherein I will post images, memes et. al selected from the Pakistani Internets (Forums, Blogs, Facebook Pages etc). Not a lot of great stuff this week. Creativity took a vacation. For scrolling through the gallery, just click on the current image and the image preview will slide over to the next image. ... Read More »

“One for you, Nineteen for me”: On Politicians and Taxes

Unhappy at being asked to file income tax returns (source: Pakistan Today)

So today, the Center for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan (CIRP) launched a report on current levels of tax evasion amongst parliamentarians in Pakistan. The author of the report, who also happens to be the head of this new center, is Umar Cheema – a Jang group journo who previously found himself on the wrong-side of the military/intelligence agencies. The report ... Read More »

Why haven’t we seen the Moneyball-ification of cricket?


I was reading this great piece on Grantland on the “Kobe assist”, and this part, comparing basketball to baseball, and why the latter lends itself to statistical analysis, struck me: Baseball analytics had its epiphany in part because Bill James and others realized that baseball was only barely a team sport, and really could be reduced to a discrete sequence ... Read More »

The Past and Present of English Football


In the post-Sky world of English football everything pre-1992 has been declared regressive. It is a time when, supposedly, partisanship and lawlessness ruled the landscape. The recent incidents of racism (or racist language if you prefer), and the subsequent defenses of it, have been shown these are the sort of practices English football should not attempt to revive. The intelligentsia’s ... Read More »

Muslim Man Gets Stabbed, Press Immediately Focuses on Violent Revenge Plans

By: Paul Lowry - CC BY 2.0

Today in Awful Journalism. Earlier this week, a Muslim man in Queens, New York was viciously beaten and stabbed by a man spewing any-Muslim epithets. The victim, 57-year-old Bashir Ahmad is a halal food cart vendor and was opening a mosque for Fajr prayers when he got jumped by a man who stabbed him six times with a knife, slashed ... Read More »

When could a conspiracy theory be true?

TimeOut Chicago

As Ahsan’s affirmative action hire for this blog, I know little about Pakistani politics, even less about football, and all I know about Younis Khan is that Farooq bares an unhealthy obsession with him. What’s more, I’m currently knee deep in historical research for my dissertation, so I’ll limit my occasional contributions to random musings on political/historical events that I ... Read More »

The ‘Tom Cruise syndrome’ and 50 Shades of Grey


A couple of days back, I read a story about how Universal Studios, the production company behind the 50 Shades of Grey movie, is suing Smash Studios, a pornographic film production house, because the latter released a porno ripping off the book. I’m a lawyer so the legal basis of Universal’s claim piqued my interest. Im not familiar with the ... Read More »

A conversation with Ayesha Jalal

Source: http://bit.ly/SGnsQ4

A few months back, I exchanged a bunch of emails with Ayesha Jalal, renowned historian at Tufts, and a model for budding social scientists from South Asia and elsewhere. We discussed how she got into academia, why more Pakistanis don’t go into the social sciences and humanities, what the differences are between teaching Pakistani students at LUMS and American students ... Read More »