America’s Funniest Muslim Women

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Earlier this year, I profiled three women who identified themselves as Muslim-American comedians. I was fascinated by their individual stories, motivations and widely different comedic styles, which ranged from quirky to absolutely filthy stuff. I urge you to check out their material on Youtube whenever you get a chance. Negin Farsad held the microphone with both her hands, clutching it ... Read More »

Peaking When It Counts

Milking the Machine (photo: AP)

Remember this?     Or this?   Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? In the year or so that’s passed since Imran Khan exploded on to the political scene (mostly in Punjab), he’s moved from being the boisterous, loud, over-reported Prime Minister-in-waiting, to a slightly more circumspect leader trying to keep his party in shape for a national ... Read More »

The End of Ricky P. Bush


And so it happens. George W Bush has finally left. And as he bows out, as he turns away from the mics and walks off the stage, there is a sense of empathy. Perhaps even pity. He cut a sad figure didn’t he, near the end? You had wished that it would end for him, but you could finally, wistfully, ... Read More »

Shahid’s Images of the Week


This is the first in a weekly series wherein I will post images, memes et. al selected from the Pakistani Internets (Forums, Blogs, Facebook Pages etc). This week’s gallery includes some old images as well. From now on, it will be more current stuff. For scrolling through the gallery, just click on the current image and the image preview will ... Read More »

The songs of the Jamiat


The Islami Jamiat Talaba is not especially averse to use of music or catchy tunes. It doesn’t have jihadi nasheeds but uses catchy political tunes to which young people can dance somewhat. There are more stringent factions in the Jamiat as well, but even the ‘why are you talking to a girl’ type Jamiat walas at Punjab University is not ... Read More »

Hello and welcome to the new Five Rupees


In 2006, no one had a Twitter account, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan hadn’t yet formed, and I didn’t know the difference between a “PhD student” and a “PhD candidate”. It was, suffice it to say, a long time ago. I bring this up right off the bat because in many ways, the deep substantive changes to the online and media landscape ... Read More »