Some thoughts and questions on the elections


Well, that was fun. Here are some initial thoughts and questions. The MQM wants its corners I always tell people when discussing The Greatest Show In The History of Time (TM) that The Wire taught me more about politics than my entire graduate education, which is not a dig at U Chicago (promise). But tell me I’m wrong. Tell me ... Read More »

What to expect (and not to expect) from May 11th


In 1999, I won my first and last elections, and promptly lost faith in the democratic process. The elections in question were for the student council in my school, the CAS. Unlike most other schools, the council wasn’t chosen by the teachers based on who had the best scores/tutta-lifting abilities, but rather a relatively diverse set of students were nominated ... Read More »

The Definitive Five Rupees Election Post

Electoral Turnout over time, source: ECP data

So it wouldn’t be a real election if there weren’t at least one pre-election post on FiveRupees. As a disclaimer though, this isn’t a prediction post – (one would have to be very stupid to put ungrounded fluff on the Internet a few days before an election) – but you can think of this as a stuff-to-watch-out-for guide. Yes, I ... Read More »

Why The Karachi Stock Exchange is Doing So Well

By: Richard Alvin - CC BY 2.0

Everyone knows that when bad things happen in the world, one of the first things to tank is the stock market. A couple of weeks ago, the S&P 500 dropped nearly 150 points minutes after the Associated Press’s hacked Twitter account  put out the false news of the White House being under attack. That was just a terrorism hoax. Now ... Read More »

5 year outlook on the TTP

By: SeHi - CC BY 2.0

I do not like to fashion myself as some authority writing this post, but Ahsan has forced me contribute to fulfill his monthly and weekly post quota. Now that I have expressed the pressure under which I have been forced to commission this piece of blogging, I’m going to start out directly by making a 5 year/long-term prediction about terrorist ... Read More »

‘Friends’ and the Death of the Sitcom


The big rumor emanating from Hollywood this month was the alleged return of ‘Friends’, the colossally popular sitcom which pretty much defined the television comedy landscape through the entire course of its 10 year run, stretching from the mid 90s to the early 2000s. It made perfect sense why NBC would be interested in a possible short term revival of ... Read More »

The Trouble with Nawaz League

Source: Pakistan Tribune

It is often mentioned that the PPP rode into power on the coattails of Benazir Bhutto’s untimely demise. I find this to be rather silly; would the PPP not have won had Benazir been alive? Of-course they would have. The last election was predicated on the people’s desire to return to civilian governance and the PPP emerged as the face ... Read More »

The Dortmund Revolution

By: Dirk Vorderstraße - CC BY 2.0

There’s a myriad of reasons why one falls in love with a team. It could be because your favourite player plays for them; it could be because they were the best side, or played the sort of game that attracted you, when you were an eight year old. Or it could simply be because you have to make lemonade out ... Read More »

My Mohajir Love for My Punjabi Love for You


(This is not a standard review of the song or the vdeo. In fact, I am going to take about 3300 words to explain how we got to this video, and why that matters. Feel free to look at just the images.) They say hipsters dress the way they do because they are being ironic. The handlebar moustaches, the tweed ... Read More »

Nationalism and post-colonial states’ security in the 20th century


The standard story IR and security studies tells us is that states are better able to protect themselves in the age of nationalism. The argument goes that because states could, post 1789, rely upon mass armies, constituted by people fighting for the “motherland” or the “fatherland”, deterrence was more likely to hold. This was because territorial grabs by sovereign states ... Read More »