Arming your cake and eating it too

By: Freedom House - CC BY 2.0

I came across a news report on what third party forces are planning on doing next in the Syrian civil war, and came across this frankly absurd nugget: Officials in the United States and Europe have said the Obama administration is nearing a decision on whether to provide non-lethal assistance to carefully vetted fighters opposed to Syrian President Basher Assad, ... Read More »

Ordered to Kill, part 3 of 3: Who refuses to kill?

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In the first two parts of this series, I asked what type of soldier commits a mass killing. My last post emphasized the scary extent to which most people will conform to social pressure, including the pressure to kill innocents. Today, I want to ask what type of person will refuse orders to kill civilians. To see how soldiers answered ... Read More »

Shahid’s Images of the Week


This is the sixth post in a(n almost) weekly series wherein I will post images, memes et. al selected from the Pakistani Internets (Forums, Blogs, Facebook Pages etc). A top feature this time is personal attack posts, which seem to have increased in numbers as the election approaches. There were a lot of them very, very below the belt, but ... Read More »

Things I Have Seen on the New York Subway

By: Annie Mole - CC BY 2.0

The New York subways are home to the most insane characters and sights you will ever encounter in your life. There’s always a story every day. Here are some of the ones I remember. Man Cuts His Nails Sitting right across from me, I saw a bald white guy in his mid thirties who looked pretty educated and well dressed, ... Read More »

What’s up with the LeJ?


I would start by stating on the onset that there is a lot that I don’t know. I won’t claim to know what I don’t know, or be certain that my hypothesis or a theory is correct. I similarly do not want to waste time re-hashing a ‘history of the LeJ’. You can read that here, here, here and here. I ... Read More »

Thinking aloud about measures to protect Hazara Shias


With depressing inevitability, today saw another devastating attack against Hazara Shias in Quetta by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Some moments after blast…intensity was so high entire area almost flattened&fire broke out. v @hdpofficial #Quetta… — Haider Changezi (@Aushpaz) February 16, 2013   There is no doubt that a lack of political will has a great deal to do with the continuing threat ... Read More »

Darwin Award of the Day

credit: Avon-Lake patch/Christina Johnson

Avon-Lake – OH has a website that carried this piece by local resident, Kathleen O’ Brien, on how ‘Animals Can’t Talk’. It was brought to my attention by @mattaikins via twitter, and I’m pasting it below because everyone needs to read it. (This is legit btw and NOT from The Onion.)   Signs that read “Deer Crossing” and the like are going ... Read More »

Younis Khan’s Guiding Hand


The last time Pakistan were in South Africa playing a test series, they managed to come back from a 1-0 deficit to level the series in a riveting second test. That was a long time ago. A time when it was arguable Kamran Akmal had some redeeming qualities; when Mohammad Asif was rightly hailed as Glen McGrath’s heir apparent; and ... Read More »

Calling an Election – Part I

PML-N and PTI score the highest approval ratings in the latest IRI poll

As things stand, Pakistan is only a couple of months away from a general election, which means there’s a lot more election related analysis in the national press these days. There was an IRI poll a few weeks back, and then Herald and SDPI launched their own election poll just last week. Both have different samples and fairly different methodologies, ... Read More »

Shahid’s Images of the Week


This is the fifth post in a(n almost) weekly series wherein I will post images, memes et. al selected from the Pakistani Internets (Forums, Blogs, Facebook Pages etc). For scrolling through the gallery, just click on the current image and the image preview will slide over to the next image. Or you could select an image from the slider below, ... Read More »