Universities with money should give some money to universities without money


The following propositions are true: 1. Universities claim to want to generate upward social mobility, mainly by educating poor, working class, and middle class people and making them upper class and rich. 2. Elite universities fail at doing (1). 3. Non-elite public universities are quite good at doing (1). 4. Elite universities have a lot of money. (Source) 5. Non-elite ... Read More »

Turkey’s downward spiral

We are delighted to feature this guest op-ed by Irfan Hussain, columnist for Dawn.  Of late, Turkey has been the source of a number of depressing stories. Once held up as an example for the Islamic world of the viability of secular democracy in a Muslim country, we now have a state where the freedom of the press and the ... Read More »

The open door

Note: Irfan Hussain, a columnist for Dawn, recently wrote this column.  So Narendra Modi wants to isolate Pakistan internationally? Perhaps somebody should tell him that he’s pushing against an open door. But the recent attack on the Indian army camp at Uri had nothing to do with our isolation: for decades now, we have done everything possible to make the Pakistan ... Read More »

Some brief thoughts on the Uri attack

A couple of months ago, I was in Karachi discussing with a friend the recent troubles in Kashmir. Some strategic genius in GHQ, I postulated, was assuredly rubbing their hands, ready to party like it was 1991 again. “This is it!” I imagined some nameless dude with a mustache saying behind a desk. “This is what we’ve been waiting for!” Kashmiris’ ... Read More »

Partition: the 67-year itch ~ (by Irfan Husain)


The following is a guest post by Mr. Irfan Husain. The article was originally published in the journal of the Pakistan Institute of International Relations.   Like an itch that won’t go away, people of my generation born before Partition keep scratching away at the words, actions and motives of the players involved in that momentous event. Each time we traverse this ... Read More »

Words That Kill


The following is a guest post by Mr. Irfan Husain. The article was originally submitted to Dawn by Mr. Husain, who is one of their regular op-ed writers. However, due to its contents,  Dawn found itself unable to print it.   I don’t know if there are official rankings for the sleaziestTV personality in Pakistan, but if there were, Amir Liaquat ... Read More »

Some thoughts on the horrific Peshawar attack

civilian casualties

1. In the overall context of the state’s war against the Taliban and its affiliates, this has been probably the best year since 2007. Fewer civilians are dying in Pakistan in terrorist attacks today than in the last half decade (data source: SATP). The above graph probably understates the level of drop-off, since it includes deaths from all over Pakistan, ... Read More »

The Sharif Family


As promised at the end of the previous post, here’s some extended detail into the wealth of the Sharif family. Almost all comes from publicly available documents that the politically active members of the family have filed at the time of contesting elections, or regular asset declarations as members of legislature, as required by the law. Starting with some history. The Ittefaq ... Read More »

Fake ‘Richest Pakistani’ lists


Well, this post is just because I’m fed up of telling sane minded, non-mentally challenged people again and again that there are no ‘official’ lists of wealthiest Pakistanis, or one prepared by a reputable financial outlet (ala Forbes’ listings). Still, the kind of idiocy that goes around has no limits. Since fake fortune lists are ever more viral and are now annually ... Read More »